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Law Office of Joseph C. Grasmick --Business Immigration--
Rated "AV" (a lawyer's highest possible rating) by Martindale-Hubbel

Do it Yourself Fee Proposal-For Business Immigration Legal Services

"One Internet year equals twenty-three real years."
---Herman Veltkamp

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How Do You Get Started?

This page contains all the documents necessary to quickly and properly retain our office. By using this you save time, expense and paperwork. You can print out, review, fill in and sign this document. You do not have to wait for us to prepare and send a paper package.

The goal of the Law Office of Joseph C. Grasmick is to help you get your immigration permit quickly. We do this by using nimble procedures for as much of our representation as possible. This is the first step.

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Step #1:

Become informed:

  • Identify the immigration options available to you or your company by following the links on our home page. Solicit our help at any time. If you are the employer, help inform your employee. If you are the employee, keep your employer informed.
  • Decide whether you wish to use a lawyer. We invite you to review the question "Do We Need a Lawyer?" in our FAQ.
  • Carefully review our FAQ concerning legal fees. Make sure you understand and are comfortable with our billing practices. Make sure you are comfortable with the fit between our office, and yourself/your company.
  • Review Joseph C. Grasmick's credentials to help make your decision.

Step #2:

Confirm your choice of immigration permit(s) with our office by e-mail, telephone or personal conference.

Step #3:

Print out this page and fill out the numbered blanks using data we will send you e-mail. Send the completed page to our office with the initial payment. Use overnight courier to expedite. Keep a copy for yourself.

When we receive this we will quickly tell you what we need from you to prepare your application.

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Engagement Letter

1.______________________________[Date of our e-mail that contained the fee quote]

RE: Your request for information about U.S. immigration

Thank you for your interest in our services.

We understand that you need information about our legal fees. We are happy to provide you with this material.

Since we often change our fee estimates to make them accurate, this quote is valid for ten days. Feel free to e-mail or call my office after this time, for an update.

Your chances of timely success depends on early planning and action. We urge you to sign and return one copy of the attached Retainer Agreement as soon as you make your plans.

To proceed quickly, I will be using services of outside co-counsel.

The information on this Web site plus the specific advice we gave you should give you the direction to proceed. Nevertheless, if you do have questions, feel free to contact me at once.

Immigration needs may arise suddenly. Please note my home telephone number. This is in case you need to contact me after hours on an urgent basis:

2._________________________________[Private home number available to all clients]

Thank you for allowing us to help remove immigration barriers to your business growth. We hope your new immigration status will help you succeed in the U.S.



Joseph C. Grasmick

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Attorney-Client Agreement

Information Concerning the Matter:

Name of fee payer:

3.________________________________[Name of person or organization responsible for fees]

Legal Fees and Expenses:

I agree to pay these amounts:

4.______________________________[Immigration Matter]

5. US$____________________________[Due before beginning]

6. US$_________N/A_________________[Due before application preparation]

(Plus any special expenses identified in your engagement communication.)

Make all checks payable to:   Joseph C. Grasmick.   My Federal Tax ID # is 22-3058956.

Work begins upon receipt of the first payment with this signed agreement. I will pay in U.S. dollars.

Joseph C. Grasmick is "the attorney". The firm is a sole proprietorship.

All fixed/flat fees and any other payments are earned when due. The attorney will not refund any fees, expenses or monies for any reason whatsoever.  This is true even if the matter ends early.  This is true even if the prospective employer-employee or business relationship ends.

The attorney cannot include indirect or direct costs of certain services in fee estimates or fixed/flat fees. This is to keep accounts accurate.  Fixed/flat fees do not include unusual or unexpected expenses, appeals, personal appearances or events.  Examples of unforeseen events are many.  They can include criminal convictions, unanticipated negotiations and prior denials.  Fee quote does not include speeding applications ahead of normal processing times or follow up when processing times are past.  They assume client meets obligations (see below). They do not include work after the government makes an interim (e.g. "R.F.E.") or final (e.g. denial/ approval) decision.  Changes in the law can change fees. Clients must request original or revised estimated fees amounts when circumstances change.  One fee covers one matter, not multiple matters.

The attorney may end this matter if the signer does not make payments when due. Once closed, the attorneys may select one of three options:

  • Reopen the matter under another Retainer Agreement.
  • Reopen after receiving a service charge.
  • Choose not to reopen the matter.

Payments are first credited to oldest amounts due. Payments are due as stated above or when the signer receives bills. Payments are also due before any application filing. Amounts due and collection expenses will be collected by legal action and/or paid from any balance. The attorney can bill service fees for returned checks.  The attorney can bill finance charges billed on past due accounts if balance unpaid 30 days after statement date. Late payment finance charge is 1.65% per month. This is an annual 19.8% rate. This rate may change.

If there is a second unpaid payment, it is due if the matter ends prematurely.  The attorney must receive any billing questions within 30 days from the billing date.  Otherwise, bills are final.

The attorney may use paralegals, associates, or contracted services or outside counsel for efficiency.

Scope of Services:

The above legal matter may change. This is because of the uncertainties in U.S. Immigration Law beyond the attorney's control. The attorney cannot guarantee success, time required, or maximum fee amount.  Fees are not contingent on anything.  This agreement begins when received and accepted. The attorney may withdraw it any time before he accepts it. The attorney need not accept this agreement if the account is overdue.

Obligations of Person Signing:

I will cooperate as required and reveal all relevant facts. I will tell the truth to the attorney. I will contact the U.S. government only through the attorney and quickly obtain all documents and information the attorney requests. I will see that other parties in this matter cooperate.

I will deliver important documents in person or by registered mail. I will ask the attorney in writing to return a document I need back. I will tell the attorney if he should not use any addresses, telephone, e-mail or fax numbers for confidential information.


All papers and information kept in this matter are office work product. They are the property of the attorney. I understand the attorney will destroy my paperwork when he no longer needs it.


I agree to use binding arbitration to resolve any disputes between us whatsoever---financial or otherwise.


I have read this and agree to retain the attorneys for this matter.

7. _____________________________[Your Signature]

8. _____________________________[Date you sign this]

Attorney Signature_______________________

Date accepted by attorney_________________

Please keep a copy of this Agreement . Send the other signed copy to the address below. Use a courier service to help speed up the immigration matter. (Regular mail between Canada and the U.S. can take some time.)

Communication between attorneys and clients about fees is very important. For clear communication, this is a "plain English" document. It is at a grade 8 reading level.

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