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"Your web site is the encyclopedia for transfers to the US. It is an incredible source of information. I refer it to people all the time. However, most people are already accessing it!"
---Director, Toronto Expatriate Tax Dept. for a "big 8" accounting firm


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1. Business Immigration Information Just for Canadians

These pages contain generous sections of actual text from the Canada-U.S. Business Immigration Handbook:

FAQ-Frequently Asked Questions:
Find your question on our most popular page. Also see the FAQ: Stopped by INS at the Border!
Read the Canada to U.S.A. Business Immigration Electronic Newsletter: popular with repeat readers. (changes often) Wonder where the article went? See older 1996 and 1995 articles from the archives. (very large files)
Grasmick's Interactive Visa Selector
Discover your business immigration potential with our interactive visa selector for Canadians. Find out if you can hire a Canadian for that hard-to-fill position. Many readers start here. Many more should start here!
All Visa Categories-Grasmick's List
If it's not here, it doesn't exist. Then read the more descriptive Overview of Immigration for Canadian Business.
L-1 Home Page
Intracompany Transferee: the cornerstone of multi-national business and the Cadillac of temporary permits.
TN-1 NAFTA Home Page
NAFTA Professional: only for Canadians; a popular page.
B-1 Business Visitor
Business Visitor: quick and easy. This is the only permit most Canadians will ever need.
H-1B Professional
For university graduates (try the quicker TN first). Also check David Stanton's perspective on H-1's for high-tech companies. David is a renowned national expert on labor certifications for Pacific rim businesses.
E-2 Investors
Long-lasting visas for investors and their employees. Also see Henry J. Chang's analysis of E-2 steps at the U.S. Consulate in Toronto.
Canadian Computer Professionals
Learn special rules for Canadian Computer Professionals. Read this page first if you are in a computer industry. Other special groups: Canadian lawyers...consider The U.S. Immigration Angle to your matters. TN Management Consultants can learn about and join the American Consultants League. In the construction industry? You can easily Export Your Construction Services to the U.S.A. If your company does business with Cuba watch out for the U.S. Anti-Cuba Act.

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2. North American HR Manager's Toolkit-Non-immigration Topics

HR Checklist
Use this extensive checklist when handling Canada to U.S. employee transfers. HR managers can pin down all steps to a successful relocation. Prepared by a former HR director of a Fortune 500 company. Then see more info on moving household goods and social security cards.
NEW-Conference on Canada to U.S. Employee Transfers
Register for the premier annual seminar on the topic.
Canada/U.S. Business Expert Directory
Flip through Joseph Grasmick's Rolodex® to find Canada/U.S. business experts.
HR Tax Reimbursement Policies
Taxes can be the most costly aspect of a relocation. Establish your own Canada to U.S. tax reimbursement policy. Use this prize winning guide prepared by one of North America's most experienced Canada/U.S. tax accountants. Then review Richard Brunton's popular tax newsletter for Canadians in the U.S. (Prior issues: Summer 1996, Winter 1996 and Fall 1995). Jim Yager will then show you how to cut taxes dramatically with modest planning. Are you a snowbird flying south? Learn how to NEW-weather the tax blizzard!
U.S. Job Page for Canadians
A list of high-level jobs open to Canadian applicants. A list of applicants willing to relocate to Canada.

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3. The Law Office of Joseph C. Grasmick and Environs

Lawyers and Staff Helping You
Read about the Law Office of Joseph C. Grasmick, Business Immigration. See bios and photos of lawyers and staff. Then review Joseph Grasmick's detailed resume. (Plain text)
Legal Fees
How much will it cost? Get the answer in plain English on our easy-to-understand FAQ: Business Immigration Legal Fees. Then use the Do It Yourself Fee Proposal to get started. Every journey begins with the first step!
E-mail to with your U.S. business immigration question.
Peace Bridge Unofficial Home Page
Look at Peace Bridge period memorabilia. Learn about expedited NAFTA border procedures at this Buffalo N.Y./Ft. Erie Ontario, Port of Entry .
Cyclorama Building Home Page
Learn the architectural history of our historic Canada/U.S. border office. A virtual tour of the 16-sided Building, with photographs. Find your way to our office and nearby NAFTA ports of entry with Moran Communications' Maps of Buffalo.

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4. The Immigration Library - Internet Power Links

Canada-U.S. Business Immigration Handbook
Read about the Handbook published by Carswell Thompson Publishing . Order your copy on-line from the publisher's server.
Search the full text of free trade immigration provisions. Also search the Immigration and Nationality Act at Cornell University or at Fourmilab. Search the INS Regulations at the House of Representatives server.
Dictionary of Occupational Titles-Selected DOT Descriptions
Compare your job description with similar full-text Labor Department "DOT" Definitions. Make sure you qualify for a profession-specific immigration permit. (Contains only selected DOT descriptions.) Then, see a complete list of DOT numbers and titles but no job descriptions (ITA). Also check Labor's Occupational Outlook Handbook which includes academic requirements for jobs, but only general job descriptions (E-Span).
Rich Wales' Dual Citizenship Home Page
Yes you can be a dual Canada/U.S. citizen. Learn how at Rich Wales' home page. (Large file)
Citizenship and Immigration Canada
Learn about Immigration to Canada from the official government site. Also try an unofficial site. If still confused ask a Canadian immigration lawyer. Find out how to get a Canadian passport at the National Capitol Free Net site.
Grasmick's Cross-Border Employment Links
Try some sites that cite our site. A guide to specialized North American business information. Rely on the collective wisdom of scores of Webmasters. (Unabridged and in alphabetical order)

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