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Photographs of Important U.S. Immigration Permits

I-94 Form

Form I-94 Photograph

Canadians use this card to show valid temporary work status. We assist our clients to get it on the spot, at the border. This is the document of choice for most Canadians who use it to show their TN, L-1 and H-1 status.

See the complete list for more information.

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Green Card

Green Card Photograph-Front
Green Card Photograph-Rear

The "Green Card" is evidence of Permanent Residency. See the FAQ for the advantages of this card.

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Interim Employment Authorization (EAD)

EAD Photograph-Front
EAD Photograph-Rear

You can get this card before you receive your actual Green Card. See the FAQ discussion about how we can help working spouses get this card.

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Returning Resident Permit

Returning Residency Permit Photograph-Cover
Returning Resident Permit Photograph-Inside

We use this permit for our Green carded Canadian clients who leave the U.S. It minimizes the chance that INS will deem your permanent status "abandoned." See the FAQ rules for returning residents.

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